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mime.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Rudimentary parsing of multi-part MIME messages into more accessible structures.

Hopefully this might get included into Gaim directly at some point. But until then it's just a piece of the Meanwhile plugin.

Definition in file mime.h.

#include <glib.h>
#include <glib/glist.h>

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typedef struct _GaimMimeDocument GaimMimeDocument
typedef struct _GaimMimePart GaimMimePart


void gaim_mime_document_free (GaimMimeDocument *doc)
const char * gaim_mime_document_get_field (GaimMimeDocument *doc, const char *field)
const GList * gaim_mime_document_get_fields (GaimMimeDocument *doc)
const GList * gaim_mime_document_get_parts (GaimMimeDocument *doc)
GaimMimeDocumentgaim_mime_document_new ()
GaimMimeDocumentgaim_mime_document_parse (const char *buf)
GaimMimeDocumentgaim_mime_document_parsen (const char *buf, gsize len)
void gaim_mime_document_set_field (GaimMimeDocument *doc, const char *field, const char *value)
void gaim_mime_document_write (GaimMimeDocument *doc, GString *str)
const char * gaim_mime_part_get_data (GaimMimePart *part)
void gaim_mime_part_get_data_decoded (GaimMimePart *part, char **data, gsize *len)
const char * gaim_mime_part_get_field (GaimMimePart *part, const char *field)
char * gaim_mime_part_get_field_decoded (GaimMimePart *part, const char *field)
const GList * gaim_mime_part_get_fields (GaimMimePart *part)
gsize gaim_mime_part_get_length (GaimMimePart *part)
GaimMimePartgaim_mime_part_new (GaimMimeDocument *doc)
void gaim_mime_part_set_data (GaimMimePart *part, const char *data)
void gaim_mime_part_set_field (GaimMimePart *part, const char *field, const char *value)

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